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World-class service. Highest standards of care.

“At HEMSI, we strive to provide timely, high-quality emergency medical treatment, comfort, and transport to patients regardless of their ability to pay.”

- Jon Howell HEMSI CEO

Serving 350,000+ residents in 800+ square miles, HEMSI is Madison County's not-for-profit emergency medical services provider and is nationally recognized for high-performance services.

  • 220 dedicated employees
  • 13 stations to serve the community
  • 37 units in a state-of- the-art fleet
  • 50,000+ calls per year

Latest News

  • 2017 EMS Week is May 21-27

    EMS Strong -- Always in Service

    HEMSI will join EMS providers across the country May 21-27 to celebrate the 43rd Annual National EMS Week.  HEMSI will follow its tradition of honoring fellow first responders in Madison County and will also recognize employees reaching milestones of service.

    President Gerald Ford first authorized EMS Week in 1974 to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities. EMS is an established public function and a vital component of medical care. Practitioners help save lives every day by responding to medical emergencies such as heart attacks, accidents, strokes, acute illnesses, and many other situations at the scene of an emergency and en route to a hospital.

    2017 continues a partnership between the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT) and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to promote “EMS Strong” and ensure recognition of the important contributions of EMS practitioners in safeguarding the health, safety, and well-being of their communities.  Each weekday will have a special theme to highlight various aspects of emergency medical services – Education Monday, Safety Tuesday, EMS for Children Wednesday, Save-a-Life Thursday, and EMS Recognition Friday.

    HEMSI will continue its tradition of feeding employees and their families on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Oakwood Station while also sending food or EMS Week gifts to fellow first responders in Madison County.

    CEO Jon Howell said, “This week is special way to honor all emergency medical responders who join in service to our great community. HEMSI is pleased to join with the national organizations in celebrating those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine's front line.”

    Written on Sunday, 21 May 2017 09:41