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World-class service. Highest standards of care.

“At HEMSI, we strive to provide timely, high-quality emergency medical treatment, comfort, and transport to patients regardless of their ability to pay.”

- Jon Howell HEMSI CEO

Serving 350,000+ residents in 800+ square miles, HEMSI is Madison County's not-for-profit emergency medical services provider and is nationally recognized for high-performance services.

  • 220 dedicated employees
  • 13 stations to serve the community
  • 37 units in a state-of- the-art fleet
  • 50,000+ calls per year

Latest News

  • City Councilwoman Jennie Robinson Pays HEMSI a Visit



    District 2 Huntsville City Councilwoman Jennie Robinson recently visited HEMSI to tour the facilities and learn more about the organization.  As a new member of the City Council, she wanted to know more about HEMSI’s operations and services.

    HEMSI was honored to host her visit, and Robinson was impressed with what she saw.  She said, “My visit to HEMSI was a great learning experience. The staff are true professionals!  Their emphasis on regional training, committed service, and state of the art equipment to meet the needs of our residents was remarkable.”


    She was particularly interested in HEMSI’s relationships with its partner agencies.  She continued, “I was also impressed by HEMSI’s willingness to collaborate with other first responders. It’s a system unique to our community.”   


    Robinson concluded that HEMSI’s strong reputation is well-deserved.  “I would expect nothing less,” she said.


    Written on Thursday, 05 March 2015 12:17