Working for HEMSI

It’s not just a job – it’s a calling.

With the highest call volume in the region, HEMSI is always looking for qualified employees. We currently employ over 250 full-and part-time employees who stay busy with the 4,500+ calls we receive each month.

  • Multiple opportunities for EMTs and Paramedics to sharpen their skills
  • Extensive training and physical testing to prepare for life-threatening challenges of patients
  • Cutting-edge equipment that is among the best in the region
  • A fleet of 36 ambulances
  • Approximately 20 support vehicles
  • Mobile data terminals (MDT) in ambulances for “real time” links with dispatch information and map sharing

We hire EMTs, Paramedics, Communications Specialists, Billing and Coding employees, and other support personnel. Field employees must have a license from the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Interested in employment with HEMSI? Click here.