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24-hour Transport      256-722-7158

Serving 350,000+ residents in 1000+ square miles, HEMSI is Madison County's not-for-profit emergency medical services provider and is nationally recognized for high-performance services.

  • 250 dedicated employees
  • 12 stations to serve the community
  • 36 units in a state-of- the-art fleet
  • 50,000+ calls per year

Hands-only CPR A potentially lifesaving technique involving no mouth-to-mouth contact. Learn More

HEMSI's 911 Communications Center

Accredited Center of Excellence

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HEMSI will join EMS providers across the country May 21-27 to celebrate the 43rd Annual National EMS Week.  HEMSI will follow its tradition of honoring fellow first responders in Madison County and will also recognize employees reaching milestones of service.

President Gerald Ford first authorized EMS Week in 1974 to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation's communities. EMS is an established public function and a vital component of medical care. Practitioners help save lives every day by responding to medical emergencies such as heart attacks, accidents, strokes, acute illnesses, and many other situations at the scene of an emergency and en route to a hospital.


  • When I needed help, your crew was efficient, professional, and compassionate. At a time when a patient is in a state that is less than optimal, all of those qualities are extremely important in helping put the patient at ease. The crew excelled in each of those areas, and should be commended!
  • Thank you for bringing your HEMSI to see our class. It was very cool to see inside it. I’ve never been in a hospital and don’t want to go, but I liked see you and the stuff you use.
  • My husband of 50 years had his second stroke, and I had to call 911 for the first time in my life. The competence, calmness, and quick response of your people soothed us both. Thank you for responding in such a wonderful and rapid manner.
  • ““From the moment the paramedics showed up to transport our father, they put us at ease. They were wonderful in every way -- professionally and personally. We are so grateful for their service and compassion.”